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How To Appear in Google Discover

For anyone who uses a Google smartphone, you’ll be well aware of the Discovery feed – but for those of you who aren’t, Google Discover is a personalised content feed based on a users search history and interests. 

As a result of its popularity amongst users, Google Discover can result in a significant increase in website traffic if you’re fortunate enough to be featured – meaning increased brand awareness and a potential boost to revenue. 

With such great benefits on offer, it’s no wonder why people are wondering how they can appear in Google Discover, and what’s needed for them to be featured. Fortunately, Google recently made a significant update to their publisher guidelines – allowing us to gain a more in-depth insight into what boxes we need to tick to increase our chances of featuring in their bespoke content feed.

How to get your content in Google Discover. 

In the recent update to their publisher guidelines, Google has advised focusing on the following areas:

The new guidelines also make note of EAT. EAT refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and is a topic which we’ve all grown to be aware of when writing content.  

Why This Is Important

Being able to maximise online exposure and increase traffic will always be an aim for businesses – so these new guidelines allow us to gain a greater understanding of what’s required to utilise the discovery Feed and turn it into a more reliable source of website traffic.

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