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Herdl Interviewed by WooCommerce

Following Two Chimps being added to the WooCommerce showcase in May this year, our Digital Director, Gareth, was interviewed by WooCommerce to give his insights on digital trends, web agencies and some of Herdl’s internal processes.

In the interview, Gareth provided thoughts on the web design agency “status quo”, drawing on his experience in various digital roles and the last six years since setting up Herdl. His outlook explored the quality of work produced by agencies of different shapes and sizes, knowledge and expertise of staff and how being bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to choosing an agency.

The staff at WooCommerce were particularly intrigued by Herdl’s use of brand archetypes and Gareth was able to give some background on this technique during the interview. Furthermore, he explained how this process was used to create the Two Chimps brand, describing how brand archetypes are continually used on an on-going basis.

The interview naturally steered towards discussions regarding WordPress and WooCommerce and what makes these Herdl’s platforms of choice. Here, Gareth was able to provide specific advice regarding a brand’s online presence, the importance of SEO, WordPress hosting and more. At Herdl, we’ve always had a philosophy that revolves around transparency and, true to this ethos, Gareth names specific tools to help eCommerce managers.

Finally, the interview is rounded off with a look to the future and what’s on the horizon for Herdl and digital commerce. As an agency, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what we can design and build on the web and we’re exciting to continue developing with WordPress and WooCommerce.

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