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Google Marketing Live 2019

Google Marketing Live is no doubt one of the most important events for digital marketers across the world. The recent announcements were regarding visual app ads, discovery ads, gallery ads, shopping updates and more. To help you understand just a few of the major talking points from this year’s event, we have put together some of the biggest announcements from Google Marketing Live 2019 that you need to know about.

The introduction of Google Discovery Ads

This new ad format will be available to marketers and advertisers later this year and take on a new approach to reaching relevant audiences. They are designed to reach users when they are looking for new products and have the potential to become a core part of advertising budgets. Google also revealed that the Discover feed now reaches 800 million users globally, as you can now use the Youtube home feed, social tabs and Gmail promotions to reach a huge audience.

What do these ads mean for advertisers?

The introduction of the Google Discovery Ads shows that Google wants consumers to be inspired and discover something new that you might come to love. By scrolling through their feed to catch up on the latest news and trends, the ads will assist customers in their purchasing journey without having to return to the search results.

Gallery Ads

Just like Discovery Ads, the new Gallery Ads ads exist in Googles ‘carousel’ format and allow consumers to seamlessly swipe through the more visually compelling units. These ads will appear at the top of mobile search results and allow advertisers to display between four and eight images with up to 70 characters of text also available for each image.

Google has already stated that in testing, Gallery ads saw “25% more interactions” than other search ad units. They will still be paid for on a traditional CPC basis, either when a user clicks through to a landing page or swipes to the third image in the sequence.

How can these benefit advertisers?

Using images when advertising is proven to be more memorable and engaging than plain text, so you no longer have to worry about making a lasting impression on your prospects with just a text ad. The style of the carousel advertisement has been proven to work on Facebook and Instagram, so Google believes you are very likely to generate more engagement and hopefully more conversions.

New Showcase Shopping Ads Inventory

Google has also announced Marketing Live a new look for the shoppable ads, providing consumers with a new engaging way to compare millions of products from various stores. With the new personalised homepage on the Google shopping tab, shoppers can filter their platform based on features they love to see and their brand’s preferences, as well as reading reviews and watching videos about products. The expanded inventory for shopping will start rolling out the week of 15th July.

What does this mean for advertisers?

By expanding the shopping inventory, advertisers will have a much better way of broadening their shopping presence to a larger and highly relevant audience. The update means that the immersive format will be served across Google Images, the Discover feed and YouTube feed. It will provide consumers with a more seamless and consistent shopping experience that will reach more users and ultimately mean more ad impressions.

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