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AI Noise & SEO

Even in the age of AI, SEO still lacks the mythical “easy button.” Despite the advanced tools at our disposal, the bedrock of successful SEO remains rooted in doing numerous small things exceptionally well. There’s a pervasive myth that AI tools like ChatGPT can single-handedly manage SEO campaigns through simple prompts. This misconception has not only oversimplified SEO but has also spawned a new breed of “snake oil salesmen” that can be found touting their wares across social media.

As someone entrenched in digital marketing for nearly two decades, I’ve witnessed firsthand the evolution of SEO from a manual, painstaking process to one now augmented by automation and AI. The range and speed of tasks you’re able to complete nowadays is unprecedented. However, the influx of AI tools has led some to believe that SEO can be reduced to a series of one-liner ChatGPT prompts. Common suggestions on forums and social media—like crafting a three-month content strategy or conducting keyword research solely through AI—misrepresent the depth and diligence required in real SEO work.

Bring the Noise

This wave of oversimplification creates significant “noise” in an already bustling market, making it increasingly difficult for seasoned SEO professionals to be heard. It’s frustrating to see the dilution of quality in our field, where the lure of instant results from AI tools often overshadows the hard-earned successes of thorough, well-planned SEO strategies.

Social media posts that proclaim marketing efforts to be “useless” without the incorporation of ChatGPT, followed by an array of oversimplified and misleading prompts. I can only liken this to fake news, clickbait and misinformation—catching the eye without delivering substantive value or insight.

Before the advent of ChatGPT and others, those of us in digital marketing were already driving significant revenue through meticulous strategy and execution. We did cool stuff—real, impactful work that significantly boosted online visibility and engagement without the need for an AI crutch.

The current SEO landscape is clouded with offerings from self-proclaimed AI gurus who promise the moon but seldom get anything off the ground. This not only misleads clients but also undervalues the genuine expertise of seasoned SEO consultants who navigate the complexities of digital marketing with proven methodologies and results.

For those looking to hire SEO experts, the path has never been more cluttered. The market is a jungle, teeming with the additional racket of AI-enhanced promises. Finding a trustworthy SEO agency now involves sifting through more chaff to find the wheat—genuine experts who can demonstrate tangible results and return on investment.

Don’t Believe the Hype

So, what’s my advice amid this clamour? Don’t get wooed by likes or swayed by the superficial charm of AI-driven SEO promises. Instead, focus on finding real results. Look for SEO consultants and agencies that can show a clear track record of success, those who understand that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember, the genuine art of SEO doesn’t reside in a prompt; it lives in the thoughtful, strategic application of expertise and experience.

In conclusion, as we navigate this new era, it’s crucial to maintain a critical eye and a commitment to foundational SEO principles. The allure of quick fixes is tempting, but the rewards of genuine, hard-earned SEO success are far more sustainable and impactful. Remember, there’s no easy button in SEO—just a lot of little buttons that need to be expertly pushed at the right time.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to SEO, our use of AI or anything else related to digital marketing, we’re always open to chat.

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