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Adapting Content Strategies for 2024

As an SEO agency, we understand it’s crucial to step beyond the norm and craft content that resonates with uniqueness and depth. This approach aligns with Google’s evolving criteria, which now heavily favour content enriched by genuine expertise and diverse insights, as underscored by the March 2024 Helpful Content Update.

Creating standout content means delving deeper than the more obvious layers that are found on the first page of search results for inspiration. It’s about pioneering rather than following, investigating areas untouched by your competitors. A practical tactic is to leverage less common resources such as PDFs, DOCs, or PPTs which can be unearthed through specific searches like “keyword + filetype:pdf”. This method accesses a treasure trove of in-depth information that most competitors overlook.

Moreover, infusing your content with real-world knowledge and experiences can significantly elevate its value. Engage with subject matter experts within your organisation and tap into their profound insights. Similarly, conversing with colleagues who interact with customers can reveal recurrent issues and concerns, offering a fresh perspective that’s directly responsive to your audience’s needs.

Another innovative strategy is utilising advanced tools like ChatGPT to scan top-ranking pages and identify content gaps. Ask ChatGPT to play a role or create a persona to interview. By filling these gaps, you not only enhance your content’s richness but also its appeal to both Google and its users.

As platforms like Reddit gain traction, demonstrating a preference for authenticity and user engagement, it becomes clear that the future of SEO is about creating content that’s not just helpful but also heartily rooted in real experiences and expertise. This strategic shift is not just about staying ahead in rankings but also about crafting content that earns the trust and loyalty of your audience, making Google and its users fall in love with what you have to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about how content creation can effect your SEO efforts or would like to learn more about our copywriting services, please get in touch.

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