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3 SEO Trends for 2018

Our specialist SEO team are continuously researching the changing SEO landscape to stay one step ahead. Here are 3 of our SEO predictions for 2018 that we’d like to share with you:

1. Mentions

While we’ve known about “brand signals” and “brand mentions” for some time now, we believe that Google will continue to up the game in this area during 2018 with a focus on “linkless mentions”.

Links have and will (probably) always be a fundamental part of Google’s algorithm. However, recent activities suggest Google is looking for ways to better analyse website and brand authority without links.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google revealed RankBrain as a core component of their algorithm in 2015 and it makes sense that even more processes will be managed by this artificial intelligence.

The use of AI means quicker, adaptable changes to the algorithm that may be harder to anticipate compared to the slower roll-outs of the past.

3. Voice Search

The mediums we use for search are just as important as the engine itself and Google will look to develop Voice Search as voice enabled devices increase in popularity.

Voice Search utilises Featured Snippets to deliver quick, relevant results to spoken searches. However, these results have many known issues which Google will be looking to resolve throughout the year.

We hope you find these predictions useful and if you’d like any further information please contact us.

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